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jewelry repairs

LSO Jewelers specializes in local jewelry repair.

Which Kinds Of Jewelry Do We Repair?

We are a full-service jewelry repair store. Maybe you’re dealing with a loose diamond, broken necklace chain, or ring resizing. Whatever it is, our professionals’ expertise can take care of it. Some of the jewelry pieces and services we can help with include:

  • Ring cleaning
  • Ring resizing
  • Replacing gemstones
  • Re-tipping or repairing prongs
  • Stone tightening
  • Engraving rings and necklaces
  • Earring posts and backs
  • Jewelry Apprasials
  • Fixing broken necklace or bracelet chains
  • Replacing broken clasps
  • Restringing pearls or other beaded pieces
  • Replacing watch batteries
  • Watch resizing
  • Watch repair

    Our Watch Repair Services Include:

    • Battery replacement.
    • Refurbishing or replacement of straps or bracelets.
    • Watch sizing & adjustment.
    • New movement replacement.
    • Dial refinishing.
    • Case and bracelet polishing.
    • Crystal replacement.
    • Crown and stem replacement.
    • Mechanical watch de-magnetism.
    • Complete restoration or overhaul.
    • Moisture/water damage or water resistance maintenance

    Regular watch batteries $5

    Lithium watch batteries $8

    Invicta watch batteries $10

    Financing - We are happy to offer financing through synchrony, As a LSO Jeweler VIP credit card member, you'll receive benefits such as a dedicated line of credit for all your jewelry purchases and special financing opportunities. We also offer an easy layaway program with 25% down and 15% monthly payments for 5 months


    How Much Does A Watch Repair Cost?

    The cost to repair a watch depends on several factors. These factors include the brand of the watch, any parts that need to be repaired or replaced, and the extent of the labor required to fix it. Simply contact our team at LSO Jewelers & Repair to get a free estimate on your watch repair service.

    How Is A Watch Repaired?

    The process for repairing a watch depends on what powers the timepiece. Quartz is the most common source of power in watches, and when a quartz watch stops working, it’s almost always due to the battery.

    Replacing the battery is a fairly simple fix, and our jewelry technicians can take care of it quickly and efficiently.

    Dirt and dust can also accumulate around the internal and external buttons, which causes the spring to stop functioning properly. Mechanical watches have more individual parts, so the repair process is more complex. The most common warning signs of an issue with the functionality of this type of watch include slowed-down or sped-up time.

    The average mechanical watch has over 100 working parts that often need to be checked, maintained, and lubricated.

    If you have a vintage mechanical watch, consider bringing it in to Wulf Diamond Jewelers for more frequent maintenance. When you bring in your watch for a repair, we’ll perform a full assessment of the timepiece to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

    We will look for worn or damaged parts, determine whether any components need to be lubricated, and double-check the seals and gaskets on waterproof and water-resistant pieces. 

    Can I Repair My Own Watch?

    Repairing a watch is not a DIY project. Watches contain tiny components that can easily get lost or damaged when you’re trying to take it apart.

    When you’ve invested a lot of money into your watch, whether it’s from one of the top brands or it’s particularly special to you, it’s too risky to attempt a do-it-yourself repair job.

    The biggest risk is causing irreparable damage that will decrease the value of your watch. Instead of taking the risk, turn the task over to the team of jewelry experts at Wulf Diamond Jewelers.

    We have experience repairing high-end watches, as well as vintage pieces with intricate and delicate components. Even if you have an everyday watch that you love, we can repair it when there’s been an impact on its performance.

    Moisture, daily contact, vibrations, and dust can all impact the performance of your watch. We have a team of experienced craftsmen who can handle anything from a simple battery change to a complete overhaul. 


    Their is no substitute for experience, Stan has over 30 years experience in Watch repair, Jewelery repair and original creations.

    Please contact us if you have any questions about repairs.