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How Does A Jewelry Appraisal Work?

Make an appointment or bring your piece of jewelry to LSO for an appraisal. A jewelry appraiser will evaluate your piece of jewelry and establish a dollar amount for the value of your jewelry. When examining your piece of jewelry, the appraiser looks at:

  • Weight
  • Materials
  • Quality
  • The rarity of the gem
  • Markings
  • Manufacturing

Why Do I Need A Jewelry Appraisal?


Appraisals are vital when it comes to insuring and protecting your jewelry investments. Whether you have a single piece or a complete estate collection, we can appraise and evaluate your jewelry for insurance purposes and/or replacement.

Just as you insure your vehicle and your home, so too should you insure your jewelry. Plus, many insurance companies require a current jewelry appraisal for their policies. So, you should know your jewelry’s replacement value in case of damage, theft, or other unforeseen events.

How Often Should I Get My Jewelry Appraised?

Ideally, you should have a piece of jewelry appraised every 2–3 years, or if you have it altered in any way. It’s important to keep an updated record of how much your jewelry is worth as it increases in value. Regularly appraising your jewelry is necessary in the event that your piece is lost, stolen, or damaged. Some insurance companies may also require updated appraisals every so often to keep a policy current.